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A tous les lecteurs (111 K consultations du blog) d'Europe, Amérique, Asie, Inde, Australie, Afrique depuis Mars 2022: merci de votre intérêt pour les FABLES DU VERCORS


Valchevrière is a village in the middle of the Vercors, in the Alps . It is ruins, because the Nazis set fire in houses, they burn down. Young men have taken refuge there because water in trees, where they lived. They were one, two, three, ten, thirty in the camp in 1944. There were camps from north to south of Vercors. These young men were keeping out of the Nazis and runing away of Service of obligatory Work S.T.O. as my father !

The young men were distant of the village to avoid repression of population. Some women, by bicycle, bringued them some news of their parents and some food, like bred, milk,fruits,cheese...They gaved them somme news of the war in France and in the world, from U.S.A to Japan...

Pierre Dalloz imagined a plan of mountain to keep the ennemy nazy around the Vercors, with two divisions of about 10 000 soldiers.

Eugène Samuel organised the camps from north to south Vercors. Léa Blain and other women gaved some news to these "terrorists"; they were not terrorists because they never attacked but they had orders to defend oneself and to disperse themselfs under the trees. Dr. Samuel prevended the men of the maquis of their formation by the army of the 6 B.C.A; chasseurs alpins. Maquisards camed from all the country of France. They camed by bus HUILLIER from Pont en Royans. They were communists, socialists,freemasonry, siderurgists,farmers, students, woodcutters, together !They lived in nature near water. The first camp was a farm of Victor Huillier: the camp of Ambel in south Vercors.

The project of Dalloz was knowed of General De Gaulle, but not of the Allied nations, because jalousy between services of Army ans distrust between U.S.A. England ans France about communists who afraided Eisenhower...

Chabal was a couragous soldier of the maquis who wins in Saint Nizier the 13 June 1944, the first day against Nazis. But the second day, Germans were two much. They had strong arms and miliciens with us...So maquisards telled Allied Army to bring them arms by aviation. The fighters sended them containers with arms, tobacco,chocolate... German soldiers had planers with eight men with stens because since 1918 german aviation was forbidden.

So Chavant asked arms to Alied in Alger, before the disembark of Provence. Vassieux was an Hecatomb the 14 July1944 with many victims before Valchevrière  the 23 July 1944. It becamed the end of maquis of Vercors.

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Le Vercors enfin partagé


                                                   On est passé de l'histoire des familles des  seuls

                                                  Vertacomicoriens, à l'Histoire locale sanctuarisée

                                                  du Maquis du Vercors, à l'Histoire partagée de

                                                 tous les Français, du Nord au Sud, de 2014 à 2022,

                                                 devant plus de 60 touristes chaque année...

                                                par delà les montagnes des Alpes !

Des étrangers à Valchevrière


                                                      Comment un lieu de guerre se transforme 

                                                     en lieu d'apprentissage de LA PAIX pour

                                                    des  Africains, des Arméniens, des Ukrainiens, 

                                                   les Melnik, les Bielyshev Hannah et Timofi, ici...

                                                   Le refus du malade atteint de Tuberculose

                                                 autrefois à Villard, s'est transformé en accueil,

                                                  par la Paroisse de La Croix de Valchevrière et 

                                                 la Mairie, des réfugiés de guerre aujourd'hui... 

                                                 Miracle d'unité entre "ceux qui croyaient au ciel " 

                                                 et "ceux qui ne croyaient pas"!

mercredi 5 octobre 2022

Après l'attaque de Valchevrière


                                            Miracle de l'Esprit Saint qui inspire au chef allemand

                                           d'épargner la Chapelle de Valchevrière, d'où le pèlerinage

                                            annuel du premier dimanche de Septembre depuis 1948...

La ruse nazie en Juillet 1944


                                             Les maquisards ont attendu ,du 13 Juin au 14 Juillet 1944,

                                             l'attaque nazie par surprise, car venue, non du Nord au Sud , 

                                            mais d'Est en Ouest , par les Pas et les Cols....

mercredi 7 septembre 2022

L'arc en ciel : fable 122 de La femme à la poule noire


                                                      Souffrance et consolation divine !